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West Sussex Continuum of Need / Threshold guidance

The West Sussex Continuum of Need has been produced as a tool to assist practitioners working with children and young people. The aim of the tool is to help practitioners identify a child’s level of need and consider whether additional support may be necessary to help them achieve their potential and keep them safe. It will be used by all agencies and teams, including MASH, and provides a common language and approach that will enable all practitioners to work together effectively and consistently.

The WSSCP recommends that all agencies, schools and settings working with children and their families use this tool to inform their decision-making regarding levels of need and to support their conversations with other professionals.

The tool is made up of three parts:

  1. The Continuum of Need windscreen: this shows the levels of need and their relationship to each other
  2. The Continuum of Need indicators: these help you in thinking through where a child might sit on the continuum. They can be used to support your conversations with other professionals and guide your professional decisions. There will still always be grey areas and the indicators do not replace professional judgement
  3. Guidance: this includes step up and step down process flows and more information on key areas of safeguarding


Supporting documents: