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Young Persons Ambassadors Group

Purpose of the Ambassadors Group

This group is made up of representatives of children and young people from West Sussex. The group is chaired by a young person and facilitated by the Board Manager. The group is responsible for identifying and addressing issues which are prevalent to children and young people in the county through regular sub-group meetings and participation in the Safeguarding Partnership.

Aims of the Ambassadors Group

The aims of the Ambassadors Group are:

  • Group members will be responsible for their own action plan which will form part of the Board’s business plan and to hold the Board to account where appropriate.
  • The Group will establish and maintain links with the Youth Cabinet and any other Boards/Groups as agreed.
  • The group will also assist with the Board website and ensuring that the content remains relevant.
  • Ensure that the views and voices of the children of West Sussex are part of planning for services

Membership of the Ambassadors Group

Membership of the Young Persons Ambassadors Group is currently being reviewed and the group will be re-launched in April 2015.