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Child Death Reviews

New arrangements have now been published around the Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP). Click HERE to read these.

Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships have a duty to review every child death for children that are normally resident within their Local Authority area. The WSSCP Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) meets bi-monthly to review every child death and includes representatives from agencies such as Health, Public Health, Children’s & Youth services, Education, Children’s Social Care, the Coroner’s Office and South East Coast Ambulance Service.

Notification of a child death

CDOP must be notified within 24 hours of a child’s death. As soon as a professional becomes aware of a child death they should complete a Notification Form on the eCDOP portal at www.eCDOP.co.uk/PANsussex/live/public. Alternatively please contact Mike Newman the SPOC (single point of contact) for child deaths in Sussex.

Single Point of Contact details

Mike Newman (Child Death Review Coordinator  – Sussex)

Email: michaelnewman@nhs.net

Tel: 01273 238808

Rapid Response

When a child dies unexpectedly, a Rapid Response procedure is initiated by key professionals. This is a coordinated response to accurately investigate the circumstances regarding the child’s death and ensure the family is supported. Details can be found at 8.35 of the Pan Sussex Procedures.

Gathering Information for the Panel Review

Once a death notification has been received and disseminated to the relevant agencies the process of gathering information commences.  This is done using a Reporting Form which is sent out by the CDOP Officer to all members of CDOP plus any additional agencies that are known to have supported the child and its family. Reporting Forms are completed by the agency and then returned to the CDOP Officer for collation.

What is the Panel looking for?

The Panel review several factors, taking into consideration all the information they have received back from the agencies, including:

  • what caused the child’s death
  • If the death was unexpected, was there was an appropriate rapid response undertaken
  • the support and treatment offered to the child and their family
  • additional training or resources required to provide an improved multi-agency response
  • any public health issues

The purpose of the review is to agree what lessons can be learnt from the death and whether any recommendations can be made to improve future practice and reduce any emerging risks to children’s safety.

Annual Report

CDOP produce an Annual report detailing the recommendations and lessons learnt during the previous year. The Annual Report is a public document and therefore it does not contain information that could identify an individual child or their family. A two page Summary Report 2017/2018 and a copy of the full Annual CDOP Report for 2017/18 are available by clicking the links below:

Summary Report 2017/2018

Child Death Overview Panel Report 201718 Final


Briefing documents

Supporting documents