If you are worried about a child speak to the Integrated Front Door (IFD)
on 01403 229900

 Call 999 for the Police if you think a child is in Immediate Danger

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Channel is a multi-agency process for identifying, referring and supporting a person at risk of radicalisation, focusing on early intervention and engagement. Through Channel we aim to:

  • Identify people at risk of being drawn into terrorism
  • Assess the nature and extent of the that risk; and
  • Develop at the most appropriate support plan for the individual or individuals concerned

Participation in Channel is voluntary and can lead to a wide package of support, such as mentoring, life skills, therapies, housing support, and drug and alcohol support. This is delivered by agencies working together from across the children and adult’s workforce, such as local authority, health, education, police, and voluntary and community organisations. Where the support needs can’t be met through existing mainstream provision locally, the panel can access specialist support, including Channel intervention providers, approved by the Home Office.

Who can receive support through Channel?

Support through Channel may be appropriate for anyone who is vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism. This includes children or adults of any faith or ethnicity or background. The aim is to reach people before their vulnerabilities are exploited by those who want to them embrace terrorism and they are drawn into committing terrorist-related activity.

Channel is not suitable for anyone who you believe has, or is about to, commit a criminal offence. In this instance you should contact the police for an emergency response.

What do I do if I have a concern?

If you have any concerns about an individual possibly being drawn into or supporting terrorism, assess them first with your manager. If this is not possible, or if, having considered the case, you still believe there may be grounds for a Channel referral, contact MASH to discuss the case:

Referring to the MASH:
Request for support E-Form:
Telephone: 01403 229 900

EDT have been made aware that some external switchboards are cutting off calls before they connect when dialling the normal EDT number – 0330 222 6664 – you will hear one ring followed by an unobtainable tone. If you experience difficulty, having tried the 0330 number, please ring 07711 769657, this will connect you to the duty Social Worker. Please note that this mobile number cannot accept text messages.


Sussex Police Prevent Team:
Telephone: 101 | Ext. 531355

Alternatively, if you have any questions about Prevent, including whether a Channel referral is appropriate, you can discuss it with:

Local Channel Panel Chairs

For West Sussex:
Beverly Knight
Community Safety and Wellbeing, WSCC
Telephone: 0330 222 4223 | Mobile: 0789 458 9071

To find out more about what happens when you contact Channel practitioners, see the guidance on Making a Channel referral in West Sussex

Prevent National Referral Form V4 (October 2020)