12 June, 2019

    EDT have been made aware that some external switchboards are cutting off calls before they connect when dialling the normal EDT number – 0330 222 6664 – you will hear one ring followed by an unobtainable tone. If you experience difficulty, having tried the 0330 number, please ring 07711 769657, this will connect you to […]

  2. Worried About Yourself or Someone Else Poster UPDATED!

    7 June, 2019

    This poster has been updated with the current MASH email address. Click HERE to view the newest version of this flyer. Please replace all previous flyers with this up to date version. These work well in private areas of organisations such as on the back of toilet doors so children and young people can access the information […]

  3. Safeguarding Training for Faith Groups & Churches

    9 May, 2019

    If you are part of a faith group or church organisation and you have contact with children and young people, you may find attending one the WSSCP face to face training courses useful and informative to help you keep the children and young people you work with safe. Click here to view our training calendar. You will […]

  4. Resource for Young People – Worried About Yourself or Someone Else Poster

    9 January, 2019

    Recently developed in response to the low number of self referrals from young people this poster has been developed to display in youth centres, schools and other places that young people will see the information. If you are a professional, why not put this information on the back of toilet doors so that young people […]

  5. Are you aware of any young person who may be using MDMA or Ecstasy?

    2 August, 2018

    If you are aware of any young people using MDMA/ecstasy it would be good to have a conversation with them about the potential risks. Click here to view the poster, which includes photographs, support advice and contact details.

  6. Get Safe Online Parent Campaign: Social Media Activity

    17 July, 2018

    With Christmas now over and many children and young people receiving new phones, more time may be spent online playing games, chatting or viewing a range of social media platforms. Use the resources below to inform parents how to support the safety of their children / young people online. Get Safe Online Parent Campaign 2018 – […]

  7. Do you know how to help a choking baby or child?

    29 June, 2018

    Click here to watch a video on how to help a choking baby under the age of 1 year and click here to watch a video on how to help a child over the age of 1 year. Share these links with the parents you work with.

  8. IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Changes to the Charging Process for WSSCP Training

    15 May, 2018

    Important Information about Changes to the Charging Process for WSSCP Training  The way that the WSSCP charges for training is changing. From 1st July 2018, those agencies who pay to attend WSSCP training, will be required to pay at the time of booking. To view the new process in full please click here. This explains […]

  9. New CSE resources for parents and professionals

    7 November, 2017

    Helpful new resources aimed at parents and professionals are available at http://www.stop-cse.org/helpful-resources/  

  10. WSSCP Professionals Zone update

    2 November, 2017

    The Professionals Zone on the WSSCP website has been updated to make it easier for you to find the information you need. This means that some of the links to key website pages will no longer work. To access the Professionals Zone on the website, and update your links, go to https://www.westsussexscp.org.uk/professionals/ Key links: Making […]