Water Safety!

With the warm weather upon us it is vital that families are aware of the dangers of leaving young children unattended near baths, paddling pools, hot tubs, ponds and other areas such as the beach.

To read more about water safety click on the links below:

Parents & Carers:

If you are a parent make sure you share water safety messages with your child (depending on their age). These can be shared in an interactive way through stories, discussion, questions and role play.

Remember that even though you have shared these messages with your child it is still important NEVER to leave them unattended by water for any length of time, no matter how shallow. Children can climb and can often squeeze through gaps in order to explore.

Ensure covers are used, for example secure the cover on your hot tub when not in use as well as making sure ponds have sturdy fences around them that children cannot access.


It is important to have conversations with the families you are working with to make sure they are fully aware of the importance of never leaving their child unattended, no matter how shallow the water.

Make suggestions where necessary to support parents and carers in making their homes safe as well as making parents aware of  putting safety measures in place when on holiday or away from the home.